iris jacquard


Architect and scenographer, Iris’ work spans living spaces and exhibition spaces, from the urban scale to that of the object, from the perennial to the ephemeral.

Her primary goal is to reveal the soul of a place without distorting it, combining poetry and technique, innovation and traces of time ...

Inspired by Japan, where she is completed part of her studies, she designs open and bright spaces injected with living and manmade materials such as wood, concrete, lime, ceramics and metal, with varied geometries, colors and patterns.

Her passion for cinema and directing also influences her design, and she discovers secret places conducive to artistic creation.


After studying Art History in Lyon, Iris completed a Bachelor's degree in Architecture in Grenoble (ENSAG) and Master's degree in Architecture and Urban Planning in Tokyo (Waseda University), and also received her diploma in Paris (ENSA Paris La Villette).

Iris trained in exhibition design alongside Zette Cazalas in Paris (Museum of Man / MuCEM / Museum of Confluences ..), and in the collective Le Dimanche Au Salon, with whom she organizes cultural happenings in unusual places in Paris and Lyon.

Today, she is enrolled in the Order of Architects of Rhône-Alpes, and works between Paris, Lyon and Geneva to realize eclectic projects.